Why do you need our services?

Escorted by CHECK POINT technicians, fluent in your own language, you will have the desired product or information at the shortest time. We research and select companies and institutions for interest groups, giving priority to cost, quality and tradition in the market, making your stay in Sao Paulo much more profitable and practical.

What kind of companies use it?

Public and private companies, governmental agencies and financial institutions from several countries have already participated, getting the most from their visits to Brazil.

What do our assistance programs provide?

Our complete assistance programs to executives includes:

Custom-created technical tours to enterprises, industries, service companies, research centers, governmental agencies, financial institutions, etc.

Business meetings and interviews with key persons allowing a direct contact with the people that hold the desired information.

Complementary information to congresses and fairs, where the participants have the opportunity to relate the acquired knowledge to practice, by means of contact with companies which act at the market comprehended by the event.

Research and selection of companies and institutions for interest groups, giving priority to cost, quality and tradition in the market.

Any specific consultation to make the best of your time in the country and your participation in the events.

Availability of our technical consultation to find the desired product or information, making your business trip worry-free and successful.

How do we work?

As an example, for those who come to Brazil make business contacts, first of all, we supply a list with five to ten hot prospect names, along with their phone and fax numbers (and person of contact when applicable). This listing covers the main (but not necessarily the biggest) companies and professionals in a certain field of interest. With this list our customer can make its own contacts or ask us for help. We provide a complete professional or company’s profile. The third step consists in preparing a visit to Brazil. We provide hotel reservation, transport, business lunches and dinners, physical space for presentations and negotiation, interpreters and lawyers.

What about travel facilities?

We can also provide hotel reservation, food, transportation and socio-cultural programs such as restaurants, museums, shopping tours, besides tours and visits outside Sao Paulo.

Any travel agency can offer you some of these services, but only Check Point gives you hassle-free trade missions.