Fishing Tour Experience

And let the fishing begin!

The Foz do Iguaçu region is ideal for those who enjoy good sport fishing. The rivers in this region have a good structure to receive fishermen and still offer a wide variety of fish, among which tucunaré, surubin, pacu and dorado (the most famous and desired among fishermen) stand out. The sport is so significant in the region that it hosts several fishing championships every year.

Come with us! Check Point takes you.


A pesca esportiva é realizada para profissionais e amadores no rio Paraná ou no Lago de Itaipu. Inclui bebida, lanches e material completo para pesca, assim como guias especializados.


*Roteiro sugerido. Adequamos o horário, duração e atividades para atender suas expectativas.

  • Propitious region for the practice of this sport
  • Privileged watershed
  • Adequate structure to receive visitors
  • Variety of fish, among which the Dourado
  • Bilingual and accredited tour guide in a super comfortable car with air conditioning.


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