The Birds Park

Summer: 8h until 18h

Winter: 8h30 until 17h

Clothing: Sport

The birds’ park is recognized as one of the most important attractions of Foz do Iguaçu region. It is a theme environmental area that joins ecological tourism and preservation. The visit is done through one thousand-meter path of native forest and the visitor is able to see more than 900 tropical birds of 150 species. It is the only park from South America that the visitor can enter in the nursery and get in touch with the birds.

Among other attractions a butterfly breeding, a humming bird nursery and a reptile sector where snakes and alligators are few meters from the visitor’s sight and curiosity.

This ride takes about one hour. There is a complete infrastructure, assuring the safety and comfort of the visitors, such as: parking lot, snack bar and souvenir store.

Bilingual receptionists are always available to inform and entertain the visitors. The birds’ park is located in the Rodovia das Cataratas, 300 meters from the entrance of Iguaçu National Park

The tour is made through a thousand-meter trail in native forest and the visitor can meet more than 900 tropical birds of 150 species. It is the only park in South America that allows tourists to enter the nurseries and have contact with birds.
Other attractions include a "butterfly garden", a hummingbird nursery and a reptile sector, where snakes and alligators are just meters away from the attentive and curious eyes of tourists.
The tour lasts around an hour. It has complete infrastructure, security and comfort for visitors, such as: parking, snack bar and souvenir shop.

Departures: Consult us

Duration: Approx. 1 hour
  • Direct contact with birds in their aviary
  • More than 1,320 birds with specimens of about 143 species
  • 16.5 hectares of preserved Atlantic Forest
  • Bilingual and accredited tour guide in a super comfortable car with air conditioning.


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